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After a party last week I ended up shagging a woman in her mid-50s. I'm 21.

She's got massive tits and was really good in bed. We went back to her place and she explained that her husband was working away from home. After a kiss on the couch we went upstairs and she sucked me off before I came all over her tits.

I then licked her out before boning her from behind. She was up for everything and I loved it when she went on top. Her tits were swinging all over the place as my throbbing cock went in and out of her.

The problem is that I can't stop thinking about this and want to shag her all the time.

We have no future together, I know, but I still want to see her. I thought about visiting this woman who lives in our estate she is also around the same age and she only charges around £10 per shag.

She does it to make some extra money for the family. She started off by tossing off blokes. She charges £5 a time for tossing off blokes and she does a roaring trade.

The problem is that her husband gets turned on by it or at least I thought he did. But then he told me. I don't want her to do it, especially as she's started shagging them rather than just wanking them off.

Her husband told me last week I watched as she had three lads at once. They were all groping her tits while she gave each one in turn a blow job. He pissed me off at the time. But we need the money and she wants to continue. So what you going to do? Anyway fuck what the husband thinks I think I’m going to have a go. I would love to cum all over those big breasts of hers. Give her a good seeing to and cum inside her little pussy.

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