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My Husband Sleeps With Hores And It Turns Me On

I've just got a job looking after my old neighbour's dog. I do this twice a week while the old boy is at the gym. He's quite fit, is young for his age — 70 — and he's always giving me the eye. I decided to pretend to be asleep one day while I was on the settee and as he came in I made sure he could see up my skirt.
I heard him gasp a little as he noticed and a slight whimper escaped his lips. I "woke up" and asked him if he wanted a cuppa. "Yes." he said with a stam­mer.
After I'd made tea we sat talking and when he paid me there was an extra £20 in the envelope. As he's such a nice bloke I shagged him. He gave me extra money that week.

Now I’m seven months up the duff from the old boy and my actual ain't getting his end away as often as he wants. I would love to be riding the crap out of him but it hurts me biff whenever he's on the job. We've tried all the positions, doggy, cow­boy (and reverse), the wheelbarrow, you name it. Nothing seems to be working though. It's like I'm getting a red hot poker shoved up me quim piece every time he knobs me.

A couple of mates came round for dinner the other night and they suggested I let him bone a hooker while I'm incapacitated. I was miffed at first but came round to the idea.
Now my man is off every other night to fulfil his de­sires and I get dead horny when he tells me all about what he's done to them. After he falls asleep I flick me bean and make myself come over the thought of him fucking those dirty horse senseless.

I never used to like the idea of him with other women, but now I might suck his big cock next time he comes back from the prostitutes house.

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