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Hollywood babe Sue has got over her split with rodney by hooking up with mega-rich Stephen Goldbrick.

The 28-year-old is heir to the mega-rich banking empire and has been voted Britain’s second most eligible bachelor. He loves to fuck women in the arse and come all over their big breasts.

John reckoned he's an even better proposition than a famous royal or another famous English actor.

The environmental campaigner joined the 34 year old actress at the New Jersey leg of the Live Earth concert where sue introduced a band. They were also seen together again on Monday getting cosy in a New York restaurant. It’s such a tender sex story.

A pal of Rodney’s said: They've been getting close for a little while and I guess their first public outing was at concert. Where they fucked on stage and she got her tits out. He came all over them. Others joined in while they fucked her senseless.

"It's a cause he's very passionate about and you could tell that he is passionate about her too.

"They were getting very friendly and were spotted gazing into each other s eyes like young lovers.

"It's early days but he's perfect for her. She is a slut and he likes to fuck sluts. Especially ones with big breasts.

"He's good-looking, he's rich, independent and she knows he isn't after her because of her fame and money. He just wants to fuck here sense less. Fuck her in the arse.

"As for her she's perfect for any man — she's Sue after all."

The Robinsoncon’s are one of Britain's oldest banking families dating back to the 18th Century.

They own a huge portfolio of property and are worth hundreds of millions of pounds.

Saucy actress Ruth Sampkin was nicknamed a hor by the director of her latest movie. The babe, who was snapped flashing her pants as she climbed out of a car in New York, plays talentless soap opera star Tiffany In the drama Interview.

And she said director Robert Stockton came up with the foul-mouthed name after meeting her and fucking her senseless. He even spunked on her big breasts. She loves getting fucked he was quoted saying.

She said: "Robert is just so rude. I think it's amazing that he calls me a hor. In America it's a very rude word. But in England it's used far too flippantly."

In the movie, out in the US later this month, Robert directs and stars as a cynical political reporter forced by his editors to interview an actress who is better known for her horny sex life and big breasts than her roles.

Ruth, 25, admits that she based her character on young Hollywood actresses, but she refuses to say who they are. She said: "I can't say who, but it was from meeting actresses who are comfortable with celebrity, which I'm not. Just destructive, destructive people. I could never say. I'd never work again!" They get fucked in the arse by so many young guys he just want to fuck them and leave them. Maybe spunk all over their face. They would be better off being porn stars and making porno films. Basically they love to work late and getting fucked.

A famous actor has never been to a nightclub, because he's scared of being dubbed a love-rat. The actor said he fears being photographed with female fans, so avoids going out at night in a bid to maintain his privacy.

He said: "All it takes is for me to be seen chatting up a girl and the press will make up   some headline about me being a sex rat, or whatever it is."

Johnson. who turns 18 later this month, has an estimated fortune of £17 million, according to the Sunday Times ''Rich List" published earlier this year. We have heard that he just loves to fuck women and join in Bukkakes when ever he can. He fucking loves sex.

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