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My Daughter Gets Fucked By The Neighbour

19/09/08 7:24 PM

A Neighbour of ours is forever parading himself in his bedroom window and it’s making my life a misery. He’s a hunky bastard and it’s all I can do to stop the wife perving him as he dries his muscular body after stepping out of the shower.

If that wasn’t bad enough, when I came home from work the other day I saw our 21 year old daughter trotting from his pad with a skip in her step.

The day after, as I was peering over his fence at the noise I could hear, I saw the most horrific scene. He was shafting my daughter as she was bent over his lawn mower.

As he was fucking my daughter he was saying stuff like, “Do you like it when I fuck your tight little pussy” and, “I bet you like it up the ass as well.”

My daughter only has quite large breasts and they were wobbling backwards and forwards as he was pounding away at her. I had to stop looking. It was doing my head in.

Then one day I went to play a video I had taped but my daughter had taped over my programme with a big breast video she had made of the neighbour fucking her up ass. It was quite disgusting and I had to turn that off as well.

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