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I Let Another Man Fuck My Wife

03/12/08 7:40 AM

I never thought when I married my wife, Betty, that I would let another man fuck her. However, we’d been married six years, Betty was 29 and we’d always been over¬sexed but now she seemed to want sex all the time.

I was working with a young guy named Paul, and on this particular day he said I looked knackered. I replied that I was as I’d fucked my wife when I’d gone to bed and she’d woken me up twice to fuck her again. Paul grinned, then said, ‘It looks like you could do with some help. You’ll have to let me come round and shag her.’

I laughed, but what he said stuck in my head, and the more I thought of it the hornier I got. That night, as I gave Betty her usual fuck I told her what Paul had said. She asked me what Paul was like. I told her he was 24, slim, dark-haired and good looking. I then asked her if she fancied him coming over to the house to give her some prick. She got very excited and replied that if it was okay with me she’d love him to fuck her.

The following day, I was working with Paul. When we were on our break I asked him if he meant it about shagging my wife. ‘Give me the chance and I’ll fuck her,’ he said. He was rubbing his dick as he said it and I could see his big bulge in his trousers. I then told him that my wife fancied some prick off him. He took my arm and said, ‘Come with me,’ and led me to the loo.

Paul took his cock out. It was a really fat eight-and-a-half inches. ‘Do you think she’ll like that?’ he asked. He took my hand and put it on his prick. I automatically began to wank him. He was soon spunking. He then took my prick in his hand and wanked me off. As we walked back, he said, ‘Next time I come, it will be up your wife’s cunt.’

We made arrangements to meet the following night, which was Friday, in a pub just a couple of hundred yards from where we live. Paul and Betty had never met before, but right from the start they seemed to hit it off. Paul at times was a bit suggestive, and Betty seemed to like it.

I heard him ask her if she wanted to feel it. He took her hand and put it on his prick under the table. I saw her eyes widen. She then said, ‘Ohh, come on, let’s go home.’

When we got to our house, as I was unlocking the door Paul had her up against the wall, kissing her with his hand up her skirt. I was hoping our neighbours weren’t looking. As he fingered her, he said, ‘I’m going to give that some fuck tonight.’ Betty has never liked me talking dirty to her or swearing, but Paul’s talk seemed to make her randier.

We went straight upstairs and stripped off. Betty took hold of Paul’s prick, telling him what a lovely cock he had. He got hold of her head and shoved it down to his rampant prick. As she took it in her mouth, he said, ‘Give it a suck before I shove it up your cunt.’

After a while, he rubbed his knob end up and down her cunt lips, then began to lick her out. I tried to put my prick in her mouth but she wasn’t interested in me and was begging Paul to fuck her. Paul got between her legs and placed his big knob end to her lovely cunt. He looked straight at me with almost a smirk on his face as he eased his big prick up my wife’s cunt. He then began to ram his big, fat prick in and out. I could see his full length thrusting in and out and it was fantastic. I was wanking as I watched and soon I couldn’t hold back any longer and shot my load over Paul’s arse. Just after that, I heard Paul moan and he was spunking up Betty’s cunt.

I got some tissues and began wiping the spunk off Paul’s arse. I had some spunk on my fingers and couldn’t resist shoving it up his tiny arsehole. I felt him tense up, but he didn’t say anything.

Afterwards, we lay on the bed for a while. Betty couldn’t leave Paul’s prick alone. When she went to the bathroom, Paul asked me what it was like watching him fuck my wife. I told him it was the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen. ‘Good,’ he replied, ‘as I’m going to give her lots of prick in the future.’

Betty came back. She began kissing Paul and playing with his hardening prick. She kissed him all the way down his body, then took his fat prick in her mouth. I began playing with her cunt as she sucked him. Paul then turned her on her hands and knees and eased his big knob into her. ‘Fuck her mouth, Gary,’ he said. I put my prick in her mouth and as I watched him fuck my wife’s cunt I fucked her mouth.

Paul was really ramming it into her, and as he thrust forward he shoved my prick further down her throat. Watching him ram that big, fat dick up her cunt soon had me spunking in her mouth. Paul lasted a while longer, and as he spunked up her she had a long, loud orgasm.

We lay there for a while, getting our breath back. I was knackered. Betty went to the bathroom. Paul then told me he loved fucking my wife while I watched. We then settled down to sleep, but it wasn’t long before I could hear them moaning as they played with each other, then Paul was fucking her again. I got a hard-on but was too tired to join in, so I lay there listening. I could tell when he came up her again with the grunting noises he made when he spunked. I woke up later, just as it was getting light, and Betty was getting another shagging.

The following morning, Paul got Betty out of bed, bent her over in front of the wardrobe mirrors and fucked her from behind. I watched, wanking my prick as he rammed in and out. When he’d finished, I put my prick in her spunk-sodden cunt. I could hardly feel the sides, but I shot my load after only a few shoves.

Since then, Paul has fucked her on a regular basis. About three months after that first night, he brought a mate of his called Ben over to our house while I was out. I came home and heard the familiar sound of shagging. I knew it was Paul and went upstairs to join them. I got a surprise when I went in the bedroom. Betty was on her knees with Ben’s prick ramming into her from behind, and Paul’s was in her mouth. All three ignored me. I quickly stripped off and wanked my cock as they shagged her. Ben was the first to come, and I shot my load just after him, with Paul shooting a couple of shoves later. They’d already shagged her once.

After a bit of kissing, Betty went for a shower. Paul had told Ben how he was fucking Betty regularly, and Ben had asked if he could shag her. When Paul brought Ben to our house and asked Betty if she’d like Ben to fuck her, she said, ‘Yes, right away.’ Ben had fucked her first, then Paul.

Since then, Betty has been fucking both of them. A few times they have taken her to Ben’s flat, where they’ve both shagged her.

On one occasion, they went for a drink first and got her a bit tiddly, then invited another bloke round to the flat and the three of them shagged her. The guy from the pub fucked her up the arse twice, something she’s never done before.

Paul seems to enjoy watching her being fucked as much as me, and he intends taking her to a club in Sheffield next Friday where single men can be invited to shag her while others watch through a window in the room. I’m going as well, so I hope we are going to have a good time.

I am a forty-year-old woman, happily mar¬ried, with two children in their early teens. I have blonde hair, small but very pert tits and a shaved pussy, and I never wear underwear. I have a good sex life with my husband; we have sex at least twice a day, which usually includes him licking my pussy until I climax. I love sex, and don’t believe there is such a thing as too much.

Sexy things always seem to happen to me. Once 1 started getting letters from a twenty-year-old lad who worked in a clothes shop. He told me how he had seen me in his shop and couldn’t keep his eyes off me. When I went into the cubicle to try on some trousers, he went into the one next to me and looked under the curtain, hoping to catch a glimpse of my underwear. He saw my bare pussy as I was bending over. He wrote how he had masturbated in the cubicle, hoping I would hear him and catch him in the act. He wrote several letters, telling me what he wanted to do with me and asking me to come back and visit him. He finally sent me a video of himself wanking and coming all over the place.

A few years ago, new neighbours moved in next door to us, a couple about our age. Although the husband was good-looking, I did nothing more than fantasise about him, until one week when his wife went away for a few days. I went over to his house to invite him over for dinner. Well, one thing led to another, and very quickly we were lying on the floor, fingering and rubbing each other. He couldn’t believe it when he put his hands down my jeans and found nothing but a bare pussy. I went down on him, engulfing his penis with in my mouth. He came quickly and I swallowed his spunk.

After this first encounter things began to happen on a regular basis. Carl would phone me when he was at work and wank on the phone while talking to me. Once his wife called on the other line, and he had to get rid of her before getting back to me to finish the job. When his wife was out he would phone me from home. His bedroom window faced mine, and while talking on the phone he would stand in front of his window and wank, while I took off my clothes in my room and masturbated, too, so we could watch each other and come together over the phone.

During the summer I used to lie out in the garden, and Carl would look over the fence and ask me to show him my pussy, which of course I did. I would tease him by flashing my cunt at him whenever I got the chance. At night, when both his wife and my husband had gone to sleep, he would go outside naked and I would watch him over the fence between our gardens. He would wank for me while I watched. Sometimes he came over to the fence while tugging on his cock. The fence was too high to reach over, so one night I asked him to stick his cock through a knothole in the wood, and to my surprise he did. What a turn-on to have a hard cock sticking out of that hole, and to suck on it until he shot his load down my throat!

I hope this goes on forever. I love being screwed in the morning by my husband, then masturbating over the phone with Carl during the day; being fucked when my husband gets home, then again when we go to bed, then sucking off Carl through the fence when everyone is asleep.

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